Commercial Refrigeration Package

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Everything you need to start monitoring temperatures remotely without requiring an existing Internet connection (system connects via cellular networks).


Product Description

Feature list

  • Sensor Monitoring
  • Sensor Alerting
  • Access Analytics on any Mobile Device or Tablet

Key Features

  • Temperature Sensors
  • Gateway Included
  • Mounting Included

Your Package Includes...

  • 1 - MiSensors Cellular CDMA Gateway (2 Year Commitment Required)
  • 3 - MiSensors Wireless Temperature Sensors With 3 Foot Probes and AA Batteries
  • 6 - AA Batteries (Included with Sensors)
  • 1 - Sensor Mounting Kit (screws and double sided tape for 2 sensors)


MiGateway Quickstart Guide MiGateway Quickstart
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AA-Battery Temperature Sensor MiTemp-AA Datasheet