Generator Monitoring

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Remote Generator Monitoring provides piece of mind to ensure your emergency power generator will fire up when it needs to. The solution gives remote visibility into your generator without the need for integration into the electronics of your generator. By removing the make and model out of the equation, our solution covers all models by adding parallel sensors to your generator to guarantee our monitoring solution does not interfere with it operating.


Product Description

When the Department of General Services at one of the nation’s largest cities needed to monitor and control hundreds of remote generator assets, they turned to DCS. As a distributor of embedded wireless modules, a resource for premium integration support, and an industry leader in delivering wireless products, services, and solutions to the emerging machine to machine industry, DCS provided our industry experience and technical expertise to deliver a unique solution.

DCS provided the city with a turn-key solution. Current deployments of the Generator Monitoring Solution offer real-time alerts to notify city officials when a generator is in operation, or in fault, as the result of the engine block temperature, oil pressure, battery voltage, or main breaker fault. In addition, the solution monitors service door access, GPS location, and most importantly, current fuel levels. Reporting and accumulating these exception alerts provides city officials with the necessary data to make intelligent decisions. Employees can be dispatched to service equipment, deliver fuel, and maintain equipment health immediately. Each monitoring unit also offers an emergency communication alert, in the event city employees need immediate attention at any of the generator locations.

Every municipality, regardless of its size, is faced with the same challenges when it comes to addressing the critical needs of their community during a natural disaster, or a power outage. Maintaining visibility into the backbone infrastructure, most importantly the communication systems of the local police, fire departments, and city officials, is dependent upon emergency backup power generators. All municipalities should expect the following benefits from a DCS Generator Monitoring Solution:

• Reduced number of truck roll-outs saving time and money
• Notification when generators are operating
• Immediate alerts when a generator fails to operate
• Fuel level status to determine and schedule fuel deliveries
• Preventative maintenance visibility of operating hours, low battery voltage, etc.