Remote Monitoring Platform

DCS’s Remote Monitoring Platform (RMP) is an OPEN Cellular Sensor Connectivity Platform capable of transmitting sensor data and event alerts direct to your staff or a data analytics backend. The drop in system enables clients to remotely monitor anything from anywhere there is cellular connectivity. It includes an 8-Channel Analog Input Module, a 15-Ch Digital I/O Module, 8 Status Indicator LEDs and can be configured to meet your needs.

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Product Description


Whatever your application; where-ever your installation, the remote monitor platform can be configured to monitor your facility and equipment. The “bring your own network” strategy eliminates the need for network compatibility and integration; instead the RMP relies on the leading cellular providers to keep you connected. Bundled with virtual private networking, your data remains safe and secure.

Deployments of the RMP remain simplified through configuration, not programing. Our engineers work in parallel with your team or in place of your team to assist in every aspect of deployment. We ensure your monitoring needs are defined and our team delivers the right solution.

The RMP is designed for rapid prototyping and deployment. It can operate free from backend integration, development and setup. Its notification alerts keep those informed through SMS and email, and provides cellular connectivity to your sensors or a backhaul for a PLC.

Base Model

  • OPEN Sensor Monitoring Platform
  • 8-Channel Analog Input Module
  • 15-Ch Digital I/O Module
  • 8 LED Status Indicators
  • Expandable Analog and Digital I/Os
  • ModBus RTU, Serial RS232/485/422 and USB
  • Configuration Interface for Sensor Data
  • OPEN Linux Development Layer
  • Data Logging
  • Multi SIM support for multi-carriers
  • Open VPN and IPSec/GRE
  • Ethernet
  • External Antennas
  • DIN Rail mountable
  • Industrial Grade Certifications
  • Optional WiFi


  • Remote Sensor Data Collection
  • Internet Connectivity via Cellular Network
  • Event Triggered Alerts (SMS & Email)
  • Data Logging of Events